Okay, fine, Riot. Take your TT away. But we need something in its place.

With the loss of TT we no longer have a mode you can play with just a couple friends without filling in randoms. I accept that TT had its flaws, even if you deliberately set it up for failure with your inaction when it came to addressing its needs (And things like not allowing event passes to earn tokens on TT certainly didn't help player counts). But there is now a void in its placee- This game needs a small group mode. I expect that you will put up some experimental thing to fill this role. I *will* uninstall if this void is left unfilled. I'll give you that TT had some problems. But if your solution to that is to remove it rather than fix it, then you need to develop something better to fill the purpose that it served for so many years. And I'm not talking about some off the wall thing like TFT which really plays like an entirely seperate game. I'm talking about something that resembles standard league that you can play with fewer players. The sad part is those "low player numbers" you're citing are still far better than the player numbers for tons of online multiplayer games that still exist and run today. Those games don't seem to have trouble operating with the handful of players who love them, so I really don't buy the excuses you gave. --- https://imgur.com/3HNtaQE At least I can be proud to have the only ranked reward specifically exclusive to ranked TT- the blue victorious graves chroma. There's also Victorious Orianna which I got as well but I didn't play all three queues (Technically none were specifically associated with TT but given there was a reward for gold in all three queues, I guess you could associate that with it...)
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