Soo, about ranged conq nerfs and Garen nerfs...

**First off**, those Garen nerfs? They are fucking HUGE! I mean, it's to the point where it will absolutely gut him, and will leave him far worse off than he was pre rework. Is he strong now? Yes! But can you deal with a Garen far easier than a fed flashy dashy champion, who have a far larger threat area? Yes! I'd rather play vs a Garen any day of the week, than yet another Riven, Fiora, etc etc, or any of the ranged cancer fucks. Might I suggest you instead take away some of Garens early game power, which is half the reason he's so strong, and put a little into his late game? The two reasons he's strong atm, is he's easy to play and apply damage with and he pops into his midgame APEX really fucking fast, and in the end falls off late when everyone is at 5+ items. You can do this in two ways, either fix the rework already - giving his kit a little less binary actions and a little more skill expression, or change these numbers in a slightly smarter way, instead of just fucking gutting him. First option is the correct one, but knowing you, Riot, I kinda doubt you wanna sink anymore time and energy into Garen. So, I'll suggest a small number change instead. It's simple, really - but you should really just tie his E AS scaling to R ranks or levels even, so he doesn't pop off so fast early with a slight lead. This isn't actual numbers I think should be used, but I'm betting it could be something like this - while keeping current base damages: R0: 30% AS scaling on E R1: 25% AS Scaling on E R2: 20/21% AS scaling on E R3: 17.5/18% AS scaling on E It's really that simple, and gives you better tools to adjust Garen than just flat out gutting him. **Secondly**, the conqueror nerf for ranged, is just about the worst possible way you could handle it - why in the flying fuck don't you use the exact same recipe for it, as previous iteration, while keeping current stats? It worked exactly as it should, keeping most ranged who'd otherwise hard abuse it away from it. Now it completely fucks over champions like Urgot, who's very dependant on conqueror for in-combat sustain, and you basically just cut that in half... Just reduce time active for ranged as previous iteration, and voila - conq fixed. Why is it, you always have to be obnoxius about shit like this, and not rely on tried and true mechanics?

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