PBE 9.3 Aatrox Changes + Other ("Small Rant")

Have you guys actually seen the shit their doing to Aatrox? wtf is this? > HP regen growth increased from .05 to .15 Base HP5 increased from 5 to 8 Umbral Dash (E) Now only heals on damage to champions No longer has charges Cooldown lowered from 26/22/18/14/10 to 9/8/7/6/5 Why are you nerfing the heal only to affect champions and the compensation is extra regen and base Hp, come on rlly? In his pre-rework state he was a life steal monster that healed a shit ton and you removed that aspect (+ lets not forget everything else except that reviving aspect built into his kit) in the rework to be basically next to nothing compared to his pre-rework state, so at the least you could keep his miniature heal to affect everything? Not to mention why are you removing Umbral Dash (e) charges, you do realize doing this will completely screw up most his combos and compensating him by giving him low cd is not enough. I mean look at this vid of Aatrox combo's, if these nerfs hit i can't perform jackshit : (I know people don't get Rav Hydra anymore but you could still take it out and carry out the combo fine) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rhfh17E2kk&t=117s. So what does this mean overall if these nerf's hit? Aatrox will just be absolute garbage tier. Why? Just because of our fellow people at Riot with their very smart decision making (HUR DUR DUR, WE RIOT, WE VERY SMART), look at this winrate, play rate and ban rate: > Win Rate: 45.80% Play Rate: 2.64% Ban Rate: 2.94% Do these numbers show that hes a strong pick and need nerfs? No of fucking course all Riot is doing is trying to patch for the league pro play and not giving 1 fuck for the people who pick him in solo queue. I mean can't you find other shit to nerf? i mean there are pretty blatant obvious strong picks COUGH COUGH: > 1. Xin Zhao; Win Rate: 50.84%, Play Rate: 8.40%, 2. Vayne; Win Rate: 50.81%, Play Rate: 12.22%, 3. Lucian; Win Rate: 50.78%, Play Rate: 14.95% I mean look at these disgusting win rates on these fucking play rates, COME ON just nerf these fuckers not Aatrox. But nope Riot doesn't give a damn and until the community complain even more then they are already to get a nerf they'll continue being ignorant. So If you're actually going let these nerfs go through just revert Aatrox back to his old state cause no one wants to play a useless champ or just delete the champ from the champion pool. (Might be to late for this but eh . . . I'm still salty about it, i mean why couldn't you keep the old Aatrox i mean you could have just created another champ and given this kit but instead you ruined Aatrox and butchered him into something that doesn't resemble anything to Aatrox.) P.S: Posting this on an alt account, cause i always have that feeling that Riot gonna snipe me down for what i say ;) Edit: R.I.P ma boi, the nerf has hit live servers :'''''''''''( {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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