Still can't believe they're going through with Morgana damage nerfs.

You know..... today..... I'm outside building my new Greenhouse.... and I come in and see 9.7 official notes.... and what do I see? Yup. Morg nerfs going into effect. I pride myself as a decent Morgana player. A REALLY good one. Who can counter most counters. You know what I find particularly funny? My damage per game about averages out to what everyone else's does. If my game's went long enough for an adc or top to do 27,000 damage, that's about the damage I'm doing on Morgana, even if I have a massive lead, and am hitting multiple targets with R and W. And then I get on Zyra, and don't even build her full AP, but rather some build like {{item:1402}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} ..... and pull 68,000 damage in a 17-21k damage game. On both champs I score 50-120 CC scores. But I sure as hell don't win on Morgana because of damage. I win because her Q lasts 3 seconds, and sets up fish in a barrel for my teammates. I wish they'd actually address the real strength of Morgana, and not take away her damage over and over. (And yes; I've been on the receiving end of an almost killing Q/W from Morg when I have no Resist. I know it sucks. But it sucks more because of Q than the actual soil) You know what's even funnier? Even Ornn can mid lane and win vs Morgana. His % Max HP damage counters her E, and after that he just controls the lane. In fact, a lot of mids counter Morgana, or at least win the matchup. {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} all win outright, and about half the roster can outplay her.
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