First time ever in Gold Promos

I actually made it. I've consistently buried my toxicity, played the same 3 champions in the same position, learned csing better, map awareness better, objectives, enemy jungler tracking, all of it. Not perfectly, but a lot better all around. I made it here with a 50/50 to 40/50 LP gain/loss ratio. 500 ish wins, 550 ish losses. I had to repair that from like 14+ and 18- earlier this year... I am 3 wins away from Gold, for the first time in YEARS of trying and trying and fucking trying. I'm about to take like a week break to let my nerves settle. What should I do from here? Promos are where I ALWAYS get the worst teammates while the enemy is in perfect sync and they are more often than not blow outs in their favor. I've been to Silver 1 6 times this year, and more times Silver 2 and below. I'm an emotional wreck that I might FINALLY get Gold.
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