why is Riven allowed to be so disruptive?

I don’t care that she does a lot of damage I don’t care that she can shield a bunch of damage I don’t care that she’s mobile I don’t care that she’s resourceless I don’t care that she “requires skill” and unlocking this potential allows you do more on her than your average champion Her kit as a whole does not really bother me much because she has so much potential to flop. But for the life of me, I will never understand why she’s allowed to be so damn disruptive. She can perma CC you herself, preventing you from even attacking her. And because she’s able to stack conq quickly, you can’t really exploit her between cooldowns when she actually has them - because once she gets levels/CDR, she doesn’t. There’s no reason should be able to cancel my AAs and then turn around and knock me up 50 times in a row and disrupting my combos in the process. It’s bad enough that I have to fight her through her damage, but now I have to deal with that? It’s so ridiculous and it really needs to be removed so you can hve a fighting chance against her.
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