Some Concerning Observations About Gameplay

I've been seeing a lot of rather unhealthy team comps lately and it's beginning to worry me a bit. Almost daily (I play roughly two to three matches of League most days) I end up seeing some obnoxious cc spam comp that basically revolves around locking one player down until they die (most obnoxious example being for like 10 seconds straight just b2b roots and stuns to kill a heavy-duty damage soaking tank) and keeping them from playing the game during the teamfights (that RIOT has made league revolve around), or BS "hide in the bush all game after laning phase and wait for someone to get in range trying to place a ward" instant deletion combo teams (basically a really cheesy Malphite waiting to ult from out of vision, but with all 5 members of your team) and similarly fun-robbing comps. It's beginning to worry me in all honesty, seeing as NOBODY wants to queue up for a game of league just to sit there looking pretty and waiting to die (heck, even the trolls/actually intentional inters at least go looking around in bush from time to time, albeit not for the same reasons as more genuine players), which is what usually happens if you end up fighting 5 cc spammers. The weirdest part is, you'd think folks would HATE comps like this universally (aside from the people abusing them at the time), but more and more games out there seem to be focusing on these cheap-thrill delivering instant kill/short fight setups where a "long" engagement lasts all of roughly 6 seconds before a winner emerges. Even a bunch of the new "battle royale" genre games seem to be picking up on this, with actual combat (not the part where you're all hiding from each-other looking for loot, but the point where teams have begun to get confident in their combat strength and are actively looking for victims to shoot at) seeming to get shorter and shorter all around. There also seems to be a lot more "sub-par" teammates showing up in people's games, but this is something not even rito has much control over. I'm noticing similar trends in a lot of online games/communities in general. Much as it hurts to say it, it seems like more and more people online these days are just arsewipes you wouldn't hang out with irl, looking for someone to bother. Unfortunately in games like mobas where there's incentive not to leave/incentive to finish the match, lots of aforementioned arsewipes are taking advantage of it to harass not only the actually decent folks they encounter, but each other as well. All concerning trends, to say the least. Is anyone else noticing these same trends? Are there any RIOTers who'd care to chime in (particularly in regards to possibly adressing some of those mean-spirited seeming team comps)?
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