Tryndamere Needs a Rework

This fucking champion breaks so many rules and has too many fundamental flaws to be able to stay in this state. 1) He gets rewarded for being extremely bad. His Q lets him passively get a BF sword just because he got poked, out traded, or took too many tower shots. 2) His survivability is literally unmatchable to any other champion in this game. He presses R, 5 seconds of no death, if he still is unsafe you can press Q. 3) His Q has FAR too much self-healing for its cooldown. It already has a passive BF sword, it does not also need {{summoner:7}} on a 4 second cooldown. 4) He has too much mobility, his E does decent damage, has a short rank 5 cooldown, and can RESET on 1-2 auto-attacks late game. Making him one of the most mobile damage dealers in this game, rivaled only by Kalista. 5) His R has so little counter-play that I'm surprised Riot hasn't nerfed it already. He can cast his 4 or 5 seconds of pure invulnerability to all damage (Aside from the fountain) through ALL CC SAVE 1. The SINGLE way you can stop him from ulting is to Silence him, as he can ult though ANY OTHER CC for whatever reason. 6) He has a PASSIVE 45% CRIT CHANCE?!, Yasuo gets 50% bonus crit chance max and has reduced damage on crit BECAUSE OF IT, so why in the HELL does Tryndamere get almost 50% FREE CRIT CHANCE LV 1, with NO DOWNSIDES? It's just THERE. This ALONE makes him one of the best all in level 1 champions aside from Darius. 7) His W has no place in his kit, he is a Diver not a chaser/hunter like Camille is. And for ffs it's a 40% slow for 4 seconds, this added with his E mobility makes it too easy for Tryndamere to tower-dive lv 6. 8) He can completely ignore basic map awareness, He can split-push without having to watch the map because what are you gonna do? Kill him? 5v1 him? Well you can TRY to 5v1 him, he will either take 2-3 with him or get a pentakill, and during this the enemy team can just go get Baron, a Dragon or even an inhibitor. Some Ideas off the top of my head: Passive- Keep the crit chance, but as his Rage goes up- so does his chance at missing auto-attacks. TLDR: %Chance to miss an auto-attack. Q ability- Remove the BF Sword passive or gut the healing. W ability- Maybe a tenacity buff of some sort? E ability- Remove the CD reduction on crit, it makes him too mobile. R ability- Cannot cast during hard CC or silences, Roots and slows are normal. I'm not saying he's entirely BROKEN, as he isn't in all challenger games or LCS. He's just a Low Risk High Reward champion that to play takes little effort but to fight takes a lot of effort, and for Blind Pick / Normal Games / Ranked Games, Voice Coms are rarely an option for teams.
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