Qiyana needs some urgent buff

I get it, people dont know how to play her but she literally got nothing going on for herself. Her dash is nothing but a dash. No shields or att speed buffs etc like other champs etc. Her Q doesnt do any damage. I can throw 2 Qs back to back and i still do damage that another champ would do with just 1 skill Her W is practically a mini dash and doesnt do anything by itself besides buffing and reseting your other skills. Her ultimate is very underwhelming if you dont manage to make someone hit a wall ior if the fight is not at the river. She has no shield to actually survive to do any damage. Your only real skill is your Q, all your other skills are there so you can use your Q. E gives you distance to use your Q, W resets your Q. She feels like a very bad diana. I cant remember a time nobody plays the champion on release day. I practically get a free pass right now. Nobody bans or plays Qyana She must be the only assasin that doesnt deal any damage at the moment
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