make zed garbage for low elo players. buff his potential.

make this champion actual garbage for low elo. nerf him into the ground for low elo players. remove his passive. and buff other aspecs of his kit. remove the damage passive. buff Q, the skillshot, reduce E cooldown and increase the damage. so you get punished for missing a shadow E. make the champion have a shit tier winrate in low elo. make him good in higher ranks for crying out loud the champion has had 50-60% banrate for 3 fucking years straight. 3 fucking years. he has 49% winrate. he has 0% pickrate in season 6 worlds. he had 0% pickrate in season 7 worlds. he has practically 0% pickrate in competitive since season 5. 3 years. the best zed in korea doesn't play zed anymore. he plays vel koz. the best zed in NA barely plays zed anymore. the champion has had 50-60% fucking banrate for 3 fucking years. he isn't as good as many other champions. do something
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