Draven is a very hard champion to make work, usually because he needs to snowball. What i don't like about him is this. His Passive let's him get 25+(2 X Adoration Stacks) free Gold, let's say draven kills 50 minions, and that he never dropped an axe during his time killing them. He gains 1 Adoration stack when he catches an axe, assuming this is pretty early in the game he'll get between 2 and 4 stacks per minion. 50x2=100 50x4=200, then every time he kills a minion he get's a STRIKE stack, at 6 he will consume these stacks to get a bonus 2 Adoration Stacks, this means that he actually get's 2.16 or 4.16 gold per minion. 2.16x50=108 and so 4.16x50=216 What do these number's mean? Draven dropping his axe's doesn't mean much, he technically get's more Adoration just from auto attacking. This is because his Strike stacks completely disappear when he drops an axe, but considering it takes at least 6 minions kills just to get 2 adoration stacks it doesn't really matter if he drops them as much so long as he catch MOST of them he'll get rewarded a lot more just for playing catch with himself(Joke). The reason this bother's me is that if he get's a champion kill with 216 adoration stacks he get's 457 gold extra on-top of the kill. So 757 is the actual gold cost of that+50 minion kills(if he had perfect CS this would mean he got this at about 6 minutes) he would have around 1800 gold. That's quite a bit of gold, if he gets another kill after killing 50 minions he'll have 3000+ gold at 10 minutes into the game. That's more gold than most champions can hope for when they're fed at 10 minutes. TLDR: I know draven is hard to play, i know that most Draven's aren't skilled enough to do what i said, but if your just good enough to not die on him and get a kill every so often you'll do better than a lot of other people in the game by quite a large margin. I don't like being a jungler and trying to save my botlane from a fed Draven, it feels impossible to win against a fed Draven, and the fact you can't avoid the majority of his damage only makes it worse. I'm not saying he's broken, i'm just saying that he MAY need a bit of a nerf.

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