I'd like a comprehensive list of eveything you feel is wrong with the current state of the game

With the sudden influx of posts going on about how the game is worse than it's ever been, I thought I'd run this little test to see what you Boards-goers are really thinking. Some rules, first, as to keep the conversation on-topic (note that these only apply to your lists; any conversation that may arise from them may be conducted in whatever fashion you see fit. The reason for this is that I just want to understand without having to wade through all the bullshit): 1. No insulting Riot or other players 2. No unnecessary foul language 3. No lamenting about the "good old days" (you may make reference to League's history for comparison purposes, just don't go full-on "back in my day") 4. No general terms (don't just say something sucks or something's good; explain why, even if it's just that a champion can 1-shot you or something simple like that) 5. No degrading memes ("small indie company", LC$, bronzie, newb, etc.) 6. No sarcasm That should about do it. I look forward to seeing what you guys say!
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