The state of ap assassins

I'm here to talk about the state of ap assassins, while ad champions have several items that contain mr: maw, qss, edge of night, and wit's end for some ap assassins have only zhonya's hourglass that has armor.. next and more IMPORTANTLY item actives and passives QSS .... where's the ap counterpart for this, MAW so easy to start maw and counteract most of the dmg of any ap assassin again no ap counterpart. Guardian angel ? these are all ad items that if you build on an ap champs youre gonna deny yourself a lot of ability power. zhonya is simply not as useful as a qss or a maw in many situations, like malzahar R for example and while Zhonya protects from some burst. enemy can just stay on top of you and kill you as you come out of it, as you're simply standing still for 3 secs. enough for enemy to reposition and target you. u just get caitlyn trapped or bursted. and you're already low hp when you usually use it. Duskblade. you can invade enemy jungle spot wards. without having to take red trinket. the vision control that duskblade provides is simply so huge. with again no ap counterpart. I don't know how to reach out to riot but ap assassins are kind off being overshadowed by ad assassins and champs that I used to love like fizz, kata, Leblanc, evelyn and ekko even with the recent buff to him, are really behind in terms of laning phase and early vision control. and yes they do have escapes built into their champion kits. but so does talon with his parkour, so does zed and so does khazix they can all jump away. There are as many ap assassins as there are ad assassins and yet ad is favored in terms of items. We need ap items. there are so many useless ap items, give us at least an ap quicksilver sash. So If someone can reach out to riot with this and make them aware, or cry to them for help that would be great haha. and thank you for your time.
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