Will Twitch ADC be viable this season?

I love Twitch, he is by far my favourite ADC and I played a lot of him during last season's ranked. However this season I'm going to try going higher then last season, however I have my doubts with Twitch. Will he be a good viable pick this season? I watched a montage video that is suppose to tell you the "best" adc this season, list mentioned: Mf, Draven, vayne, Ez, Ashe, Jinx, Lucian, Jhin, Kai and Caitlyn. I play 5 out of these 10 champions. I think back on what Twitch pros and cons and I'm wondering if I should one trick Twitch or I should start practicing more on Vayne and Jinx since I also main those two champions. I might be spouting out garbage but should I climb with Twitch or should I climb with other champions? I'm open to any comments.
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