Why league of legends isn't fun.

The games this season aren't fun at all. 1.) Many games at all elos are decided by trolls. On my main account my plat games have ragers/quitters in about half of my games. When I smurf the games in silver/gold/bronze have even more ragers and quitters. I can carry them sometimes. Sometimes I can't. It's just not fun consistently out playing people and still losing a large percentage of games because your teammates troll. 2.) Everyone has an incredibly negative attitude. You try to talk or socialize in the game and you get flamed. If you respond to the flame at all you get chat banned. Even if your response is "yawn" or "im bored". It's just tiresome. 3.) I'm 10/0 mid as Morgana, but the enemy team has a 4/0 Jax/Irelia/Akali/Riven/insertotherhypercarry so the game is over. Because being super far ahead as some champions is worth less than being moderately ahead as other champions. 4.) My adc was last season diamond 1. He's 0/15 this game. Totally didn't buy his account. Yawn. The community is garbage. The balance is bad. The matchmaking is atrocious. How much longer am I going to have to wait for League to be great again? Is this game just dead?
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