The new support items applying permanent penalty to CS is detrimental.

In the upcoming patch, I couldn't help but notice a new change to the starting support items. Namely: > Anti-Poaching > **EAT THE RICH:** Farming more than 20 CS per 5 minutes (3 out of 10 waves) reduces gold from minions by 50%. The penalty increases with further CS to a max of 80% reduction at 50 minions. > **MATH:** Once the penalty kicks in, your CS gold is reduced to (70 - CS within 5 minutes)% First of all, I'm a support main. I have my fair share of games where I am the reason the enemy ADC/Support get ahead, due to a miscalculation, gank or mispositioning. That makes me value the role that I have as a support, being able to secure my ADC their farm safely, while trying to set up plays or kills. I am already heavily punished for mistakes, and the rewards I get I share alongside my partner. However, sometimes the ADC doesn't end up getting the kills, I do. And, because of how the power spike snowball works with the current League of Legends balance, that means I am far ahead of their support, neutering their ability to counter my plays. So, it keeps happening. I'll get more kills, get fed, start roaming, having a map-wide impact on the game. I am rewarded for making good calls, and the ADC will as a result have space to continue farming and pushing. Very often, it's also the case of an ADC not being able to fulfill their role as a carry for whatever reason, and me having to capitalize on what little I can do for the team in place of the ADC. What does all of this have in common? It entails me farming creep waves at one point or another. Pushing lanes, ganking, taking farm to secure momentum. With this new update, you are neutering the possibility of this positive reward system that supports can rely on in these cases. You are limiting their effect to feel like they matter in the bigger picture, and as a support main, I already feel like the most underappreciated role there is. You are lowering the potential cap of performance for supports. I am already behind, having to rely on faith and blind trust alone laning with a complete stranger every game. You should embolden either bot lane player being able to perform well solo as well as a duo, you shouldn't simply remove one part of that equation from the possibility to carry. Say if I'm a Lux, and the ADC has disconnected? Given up? Started feeding because some random person banned the champion they wanted to play? Am I supposed to stand under tower solo and watch creeps die to tower shots? It doesn't make any sense. Punishing any role for being able to take advantage of one of the absolute core mechanics of your game since day 1 is nonsense and puts it into perspective how far away from a true skill-based game this has gotten. You do not punish supports for taking CS, you make changes elsewhere to make sure to rectify the reason as to why it's gotten to this point in the first place. This change feels so invalidating. I've already had to put away some of my favourite champions due to the current balance favouring burst champions exclusively, and now I'll have to resign to being a meatshield with some CC on a leash, bound to be ridiculed alongside the ADC if they happen to perform poorly. I really hope you think about this in detail.
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