Rioters: "Thoughtful, respectful posts are the way to attract Riot attention."

"We won't engage if your post is just targeted insults and wild accusations. We take our responsibility to encourage constructive board discussion seriously" Also Rioters: _Proceed to completely ignore 10 million constructive carefully thought out feedback and discussion threads in favor of responding only to the brainless, reactionary temper-tantrums with **@A Given Rioter** in the title that mostly consist of accusing Riot of intentionally making their game worse for some convoluted motivation that we've been trying to eliminate from the Gameplay Board since it was created._ Seriously, you guys have to step it up. You keep rewarding the worst behavior in the boards, of course it's hard to establish a culture of respectful discussion when Reds keep rewarding the malcontents that only ever show up right after losing a game, still frothing at the mouth, to accuse Riot Games™ of accepting undeclared campaign contributions from Sona mains or whatever. The boards have their own problems, but you've consistently made it worse by failing to stick to your claimed policy of only responding to genuine discussion.
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