Here is why Zed is bullshit to deal with.

Electrocute + Duskblade means he doesn't need to land his Q to overkill you. Oh, you say I can build a Guardian Angel to build against his ult! Except GA has a 5 minute fucking cooldown compared to Zed's 120/90/60 second cooldown, not even mentioning that he builds {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}}, which is 40% cooldown reducation, so it'll be on a 24 second cooldown level 16. Oh, what about {{item:3157}} ? Ok, but that's a mage specific item, so 90-ish champions are fucked out of that book. Again, going to my previous post, allow me to QSS Zed ult. It might as well be a de-buff because he's guaranteed to kill me with it each time as long as he hits his e and auto's me once, then get popped by his ult which also applies electrocute by itself. This shit isn't fun to play by any means.
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