Can we give Talon's wall hop a cooldown in combat?

Talon is one of the champions I really hate to play against. I have no issue with his damage or most of the kit, but I really hate his E. It is just super frustrating because I can't punish him for extending really far in his lane. It pretty much turns out that if I can't kill him before he reaches a wall he is just gone. For that reason he is practically impossible to kill in the jungle if you don't have a CC chain. If my understanding is correct, the purpose in his E is to help him roam and get in position to assassinate an enemy quickly. Using that logic, I don't think it should be able to be used as an extremely reliable escape. I think a good way to fix that would be to give his E a longer cooldown if used in combat. This would not infringe on his ability to roam, or get around the map quickly, but it would keep him from using his E to escape situations that any other champion would die in. This also wouldn't keep him from using his E to run if he saw the danger coming beforehand and started running early. I do not play Talon, so I don't know if that might cause problems for him. This is just the best way I can imagine to remove his ability to make stupid escapes without gutting the purpose of the ability. Do you guys think that would be a fair change, or would that cause huge issues for Talon? I am willing to accept that I just need to learn how to play around him better, but I think my argument is valid. Edit: It appears that multiple people have misunderstood what the nerf would do. It would not mean he could not use his E in combat. It would mean if he did it would have a longer cooldown. Maybe it would go from its current 2 second cooldown to 5 seconds if used in combat. So he could still use it to jump out in combat, it would just require him to run normally for a little bit before he could E again. You could also add something that would reset the in-combat timer if he got a kill or an assist. So if he successfully assassinated a target he wouldn't have any cooldown penalty for a little bit.

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