Why don't people just make "How to beat X champ" threads instead of rage?

The answer is because its easier. There was a time where {{champion:420}} frustrated the hell out of me and I legit considered her broken as all hell. People were not going to just stop picking her so I decided to look at her kit and find videos on how to lane against her. Since then, she's become one of my easiest match-ups no matter what champion I play top. Why can't people just look at the kits and understand their weaknesses? Mid lane mage mains are THE MOST complacent people on forums, hands down. They don't even want to learn to beat champions like zed or zoe or leblanc or *any champ that isn't an immobile mage*. Thats all they want mid. They want their simple combo to work every time and kill whoever they combo onto every single time. Sure, maybe some of Zoe's abilities are overtuned, IDK, I'm not the guy who fixes that but why not just figure out her kit first before bashing it? Zoe *literally* doesn't have an ult. She has an R, but her R isn't an ult. Its just another skill. Not a super fight-breaking skill either. Zoe is really good at 1v1's and doesn't have mobility outside that R (not real mobility btw), which is all it does. This is why more of her power is spread throughout her skills. thats why they do more shit. The one champion I ban most the time even though I don't believe is busted is Darius. This is because Darius as a champ and people who play darius tend to exploit my weakness as a player. I have a difficult time fighting lane bullies or champions with early damage spikes around lv2/3 etc. This is because I'm more used to being the lane bully but am not keen on playing champs like darius or renekton (not much anymore) or riven, so they are my most problematic match-ups. That doesn't mean I need to tell riot to "fix" them because I suck at fighting them. Maybe people should consider the possibility that it might not even be the champ or the state of balance but their own shortcomings as a player. People whine so much about mobile champions when these same champions are being used at the highest level of play and are never really complained about nearly as much, if at all. Back to my original point: Why aren't there more people asking, legitimately, how to beat X champion? Where's the think tank? Where's the research? Why do people just automatically think that X champion *must* be broken if *they* have a hard time fighting them? Look at the threads. How many of them are "This is how you beat X champ" threads? Then look at how many threads are "X champ is busted". Hell, I even made a comment about Yi not too long ago. (my main argument about that is that armor doesn't do much anymore) I'm also not saying there isn't any real legitimacy to some champion complaints but if you upvoted Dlifts video and greed with what he said, you'd agree that knee-jerk nerfs/changes are not really the best solution. He actually gave reference to SC2 and how it took a really long time before that protoss strat was discovered. TL;DR Why not formulate counter champ threads instead of rage threads?
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