Shaco rework.

Ok. The early clear and lvl 3 gank bot strat are broken. Clearly. His winrate is 53-54% because of that. We cannot start to nerf and buff him because of how this cheese strat artificially elevates his winrate. It might even make it +4% or more. It has to be changed. I feel like it is partially this broken, because of the current state of jng, which is a mess. There are two solutions (probably), nerf Shaco's early clear on red side or change jungle. I would prefer changing jungle, because it needs a rework anyways and Shaco was just reworked, but I am ok with a nerf of this form of clear. I have to agree that this form of clear is unfair, it gives free double kill and first blood in almost every single game. Too cheesy. After it gets fixed you will see Shaco fall to 50% or maybe even 49% winrate, if his playrate doesn't drop too. If it drops then maybe 51%.
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