What keeps you playing?

I just had a game where I had to play against Kayn, Zilean, Kayle, Kaisa and Thresh 3 Zhonyas, 1 GA And I was wondering throughout the game - what keeps me playing this game anymore ? Was that a fun experience? No , it was a horrible, horrible experience. I had no fun from the 1st min till the last, in fact, I felt awful playing this game. The heights of enjoyment are pretty mild, but these kind of experiences are as low bottom as they can get. And nothing's gonna change, Riot will keep pumping out champs and reworks like this and we'll just have to suck it up. If 5 years ago someone told me Riot's gonna release a champion that can heal while passing through walls and then go inside you and fully heal himself I would tell you you're trolling 100%, but here we are ... Riot's amazing art project champ that makes me wanna gouge my eyeballs out at how irritating he is. I remember 5 years ago stuff like shaco was infuriating to play against, Teemo was the cancer of top lane, now when those champions get locked in you feel a relief because Riot pushed the boundaries of annoying to unbelievable levels instead of making the game enjoyable for everyone. It just feels like the game doesn't make sense anymore, and it's a battle to see what crazy concept is Riot gonna come up with. Maybe these champions are not "overpowered", but they are definitely breaking certain fundamentals of the game and removing core elements from it at the same time.
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