So I read RiotRepwhatever's explanation of how to determine if a champion is overpowered.

And then I noticed that Vladimir apparently isn't overpowered by their system. So that's probably a good sign that your system is poorly designed ain't it? My thought process is: * Hecarim is bust.. But vladimir can one shot you with one item (protobelt) * Akali is brok... But vladimir can one shot you with one item and be completely untargettable the entire time he's doing it. * Karthus is overpow... Did you know that vladimir is not only a lane bully, but a tank, a farmer, a sustainer, an assassin, and an early game, late game, mid game, all game carry? * Riven needs nerf... Did you know that vladimir can build hourglass and go untargettable in a team fight for almost 5 seconds and then regain his entire HP bar because grevious wounds will have worn off and his ult will heal him? Yeah. Pretty sure Riot needs to take a look at their "math".
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