Calling all south african players (:.I feel theres a huge south african lol player base but we really have no support.Which is understandable at this point because compared to the other regions where are minuscule.Since there's no way Africa is getting a dedicated server what server do you guys play on ? where do you experience the best ping ? im currently on the eu west server and on a good night i get about 210ms ping lol ,considering i have a 4mb line but as you all know telkom screws us all over .Also ive gotten leaverbuster 4 times ,and every time it was for connection related issue ( the most recent being load shedding ),how do you guys deal with this ? sometimes load shedding doesnt follow the schedule but anyway All south africans ,all africans ,noobs( i am a noob myself) and vets let us talk and share :D
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