League of Legends is in season 9. Death recap is still in alpha.

I think instead of working on the next 2 Ryaze reworks, it might be time to actually look into a part of the game that has never really changed since release, was never functioning at all and has a lot of potentional improvement both graphically and utility-wise. Even without the bugs, the current lay out of death recap doesn't do what it's supposed to: Give in an eye-blink valuable information about what caused you to die and how to prevent this in the future. Thing like total magic/physical damage dealt (maybe even % damage but that's more advanced) should definitely be shown (relevant for itemization) as well as ALL abilities, not just the last 3 (This could be done with a pan-out because it's not always relevant for you what each champ did). The original purpose of death recap, which was like a 'kill-cam' to see how you died is partly replaced by replays, but you don't always want to wait until the end of the game, sometimes forgot about it after the game, or just don't want to spend the time it takes to reload, search the right time stamp just to watch it. I know I very rarely use replays. Maybe I should do it more but it feels like it takes so long.
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