Change Sion, Aatrox, and Shyvana

Hello and welcome. The age of juggernauts has faded many, many years ago. But now is the time to strike back. Were you bOrnn to do this? No Runescape puns intended. Or will you aVOID the spotlight? Sion is a juggernaut but his shield is breakable. How is this healthy for a tank that will more than likely face a marksman in the top lane? What can be done to make tanks top lane a relevant part of the game again? Maybe fuse Galio and Amumu? Aatrox's W should surround his area in a circle so that gap closers can stop abusing him without risk of punishment. Every drake allows Shyvana to change based on selective phases: "Infernal barrage" (changes Q) "Earth bomb" (changes W) "Shadow flare" (changes E) "Watcher's Bane" (her new dragon ultimate) Give Shyvana an elder dragon god skin.
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