Vayne is now at a 53% winrate 26% playrate 60% winrate on mains

Its mind boggling that this hasnt been hotfixed yet. Its absolutely insane that people spend so much time complaining about riven (which I agree is undeniably an overpowered champion) when ACTUAL STAT CHECK champions are running around right clicking people in 2 seconds while being untargetable. Look at {{champion:222}} . Jinx is now at a fucking 55% winrate 16% playrate. I guess low skill stat check right clickers are allowed to be overpowered for extended periods of time? Every single time theres a vayne or jinx on the enemy team right now, I feel an immediate flashback to season 7 ardent censor meta. Having either of these champions on the enemy team is one of the worst gameplay experiences in league, you have to PRAY your bot lane doesnt lose. The game becomes a coinflip on better bot lane wins. Because if your bot lane loses with either of these champions on the enemy team, you just lose the game. "Jinx is 3-0 at 8 mins I guess we just lose the game now.... I guess...." OR if you have a vayne or jinx on YOUR team and they win their lane hard. You can literally troll, afk to grab some good, do w/e and you will just win with the stat-checked right clicker on your team. Whenever a mid laner like cassio or aurelion sol reach a 53 or 55% winrate, they get patched fairly quickly. If thresh (lets be honest, regardless of frustration he does take skill) is over the top he gets nerfed in a patch or two. Yorick/Galio will get multiple nerfs when they are overpowered and being picked alot. Why are some champions given leeway to be allowed to be overpowered for extended periods of time while others are addressed immediately? Is it because they have really large fanbases and are popular champs that bring in money? Is it because _**a particular rioter**_ on the balance team mains jinx? (Riot August) could there be _**a Rioter on the playtest team**_ who mains yasuo as well (Blaustoise)? Explains alot of things I feel. Winrates/playrates taken from lolalytics because it uses the largest sample size. But you can check the korea only site for similar stats. Vayne and Jinx both ranked at tier 1 with 52% winrates despite being played alot. _**EDIT: I was recently informed that "RiotJag" mains vayne LOOOOOOL. So Blaustoise = yasuo , August = jinx , RiotJag = vayne. I wonder why these champions are allowed to be so strong for so long?**_
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