Taric is a toxic champion and his rework is terrible

Taric time and time again shows up at the forefront of every terrible support-oriented meta. Ardent, funnel, tank meta - you name it and he's right up at the top, every time, as one of the worst enablers of obnoxious hyper carries taking over the game way sooner than they're supposed. Nothing about this character is thought out very well and the sheer gold value he brings through shields and heals combined with his frankly unfair ultimate makes it so that any meta he can be decent in is automatically a meta in which he's top tier in. I have played Taric off and on since well before the rework, back to my beginning in season 4. I maintain good winrates on him for every season I've played him in. I can tell you with certainty that this rework is less healthy than the original kit; an ultimate like Tarics is basically the reason that damage creep needed to happen; because you lose automatically if you can't obliterate Tarics MVP(s) before the invulnerability pops. Except he has a multitude of tools to make it very difficult to do that, two of which are targeted and one of which covers a massive AOE so as to be very difficult to dodge. It's time to admit that Taric is a problem champion. He doesn't need to be reverted but his kit needs a massive power down.
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