When Can I Play League Again

Not completely sure where to post this, but it is definitely affecting game play and I know more than a few former players with the same issues. So I played League for a while and I love it. I miss the game so much I am here posting about this. I had to stop playing. Not for a silly reason like a champ is too strong, but for all the scandals that have been rampaging through Riot Games as a whole. Rage at me if you want, but in my own beliefs I just couldn't keep playing and supporting them no matter how much I wanted to. First it was the sexual harassment then other things were floating around like the hardcore gender discrimination. At this point my League time was starting to make we feel uneasy (because after all some people said it was false, A LOT said it was true. Then somewhere between that and hearing about the forced arbitration (which is pretty sleazy ideal in my opinion) then almost in response to the sexual harassment lawsuits they drop future forced arbitration, but keep the employees in the lawsuit and past employees bound to it. I am not ranting just giving the explanation for my inquiry. **When exactly are things going to start looking up at Riot in the equality department?** Because miss it as I may I can't support it. Before everyone starts feeling threatened let me just say All I want is an update in the direction they are going. I promise I am not attacking your feelings. Thanks.
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