New (Mountain Drake?) Map Changes in Season 10 *NEEDS TO BE FIXED FOR COLORBLIND PEOPLE*

I was watching a video on YouTube showing gameplay on the PBE of the new season patch, and at one point in the video, while next to the raptor pit, heading towards the river, there is a new "rock formation" that protrudes out of the ground and acts as new terrain. I watched as the YouTuber ran to it and stopped to use the fog of war to hide from the enemy Kai'sa and get a free stun off as Udyr, and almost killing her, causing her to blow her flash. This all sounds fine right? Well I am colorblind. **I DID NOT** realize that the place the Udyr was standing was behind terrain and was confused as to why the Kai'sa was "melee ranging" him until the YouTuber mentioned something about "hiding behind the rock was broken." I had to go back and rewatch it and stare at it hard to realize it wasn't just cracked ground, but was actually new, elevated, untraversable, terrain. Is there any way that it could be touched up some visually? Adding some contrast would help me out tremendously, as well as anyone else with a visual impairment.
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