Implementating a new report option

Hello, I would like to suggest an addition the current report system within League of Legends. There has a been a notable improvement in the quality of options to carefully match the appropriate situations that come to pass within the game as a whole. However, I have seen a particular offense that has been an increasing issue and yet is unnoticed by many due to where it happens. The issue I speak of is the use of coding to play the game and I presume many are aware of such a thing already, but there is a very prominent issue of this in the Co-op VS AI game mode. It is very often in all difficulties for this game mode I come across very clearly scripted players and they act almost entirely the same as one another. They have been coded in a means to avoid AFK detection or penalty due to frequent movement and would seem to be a normal player upon seeing the results of a match. From my own experiences, the vast majority of these occurrences are found in players entering the jungle. A very simple way to notice is the length of the duration the player will stay after killing a jungle camp. An approximate average of time spent idle seems to be placed around 15 seconds and in some cases more. Less commonly they may simply sit at one of the buff camps for well over a minute even if the camp has been already destroyed. As it stands currently the closest choice for this is the Cheating option. It is in fact third party use, but I do feel as though this does not appropriately describe this circumstance. A player cheating is a serious offense, but it can be just as detrimental to players to have a team member not be a human player. It is especially crippling for those who are new to the game and learning, but also frustrating for more seasoned players as well. I will continue to use the Cheating option as a report solution, but I believe that it would be helpful to consider adding an option for false players specifically. Thank you for reading.
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