Neeko E is the strongest non-ultimate CC Ability in the game; on a burst mage.

Even the most vanilla of consent designers can agree that Neeko's E, Tangle-Barbs, is a necessary piece of her kit to maximize the efficiency of her Q, Blooming Burst. On release, Tangle-Barbs needed to pass through 2 enemy units to gain the empowered root, the empowered root only effected the *last* champion hit, this felt underwhelming; If the ability was fired through a minion, Jinx, and finished on Elise, Elise would be hit with the empowered root (This was the example in the Champion Spotlight). Admittedly, this ability did need a buff; however, what we revived is frequently looked over without second thought. On patch 9.5, the "Champion hit" condition was removed, the requirement to gain the empowerment was reduced to 1, the non-empowered root duration was buffed all ranks (This will be touched on later), and then there was a minor bug fix where the ability was disarming. Neeko was soon after hotfixed on March 11th, reducing her attack speed growth, her attack damage growth, and a base damage nerf on Shapesplitter, Neeko's W. Originally, Tangled-Barbs had a .5 second root duration for the first target hit; the change on 9.5 was large, taking a CC duration from .5 all ranks to (.7 / .9 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.5). This means that even for landing the first root on an enemy champion grants you 2 stacks of Blooming Burst (Neeko's Q) on a champion, and landing the empowered root means you get off full duration from Blooming Burst. For perspective, here are the numbers for the empowered duration. (1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 / 3). And yes, this means that Tangle-Barbs scales faster in duration then Morganna's Dark Binding. The duration of Tangled-Barbs gives Neeko an almost nonpunishable combo in the early game. Currently, the champion is being flexed outside of mid lane about 45% of the time, meaning shes in mid roughly 55%. This combo feels even more debilitating if you are playing a melee into Neeko; the combination between the movement speed and clone from her her W, and her QE combo make for a very slippery lane bully, even into champions with a strong early all-in like Cammile or Aatrox. This duration wouldn't be a problem if Neeko was maxing the ability last, but statistically (according to OP.GG, which is KR only) 95% of Neeko players max E second; additionally every website that offers Neeko guides (Mobafire was not used) say most matches max E second, but do not provide an easy statistic. Meaning that Neeko has a 3 second root available to her that she can aim through targets. The only other champion with a basic CC duration like that is Morganna, but Neeko's is better in a team fight because it effects multiple people, and has Dark Binding beat on missile speed. In conclusion, please nerf Neeko. Thanks. Sources:
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