Something i want to address about Support income item changes...

Is the actual gold income. Not the stats, just the income. Presently, over the course of a good game, players can spend 850 gold to upgrade once (or more for tank users because the stats on FotM are actually great), and gain reliable income throughout all of the game, sometimes over 2k gold. The gold earned increases steadily and has a feelgood effect as we see the "value" of the item go up. Now, we only spend 400 gold, but only regain 1000 through the quest and a minimal amount as passive income. That means no matter how well or how bad someone plays, once they hit that cap, they can only wait as their opponent catches up. That feelgood effect is gone, and to boot it feels like our already generally subpar income grinds to a *hard* stop after it's complete. Not to mention the harsh anti-poaching rule that legit makes it feel terrible for us to catch a wave when our allies are all away. I for one intend to sell that item as soon as possible and just make liberal use of my ward trinket. Or go back to playing Sona midlane. Maybe by midseason Riot will address this, who knows. Anyway, as a supp main, I *highly* dislike those changes. What about y'all?
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