Ornn: Explaining the frontline and why Ornn is terrible at it (right now)

A little while ago I was explaining why the Ornn "buffs" are utter garbage and why he's in such a shit place right now - while the passive buffs are to his most commonly built items for himself, this really doesn't fix much of anything about Ornn. Reasons being: 1. These upgrades don't come into play until level 13 when Ornn is either already dumpstered or snowballing since tanks generally have their strongest points in team fights. 2. Ornn has no survivability to place him on par with other tanks. Now the concept of "survivability" was lost on multiple people - well of _course_ it helps his survivability, they're pretty much buffs to his health and resistances! How does that not equate to survivability? Well, guys and gals, some truly groundbreaking news here is that resistances aren't all we talk about when referring to a champion's survivability - take Vlad or Swain for example. These two have a stupid amount of survivability, but they aren't tanks. Well gee, how's that work? Or what about Nautilus - he's one of the poster boys for survivability! How's he do it so well!? There is a trend for our frontline troops in that, well, they have to be able to survive a long time considering they're generally pretty big, bulky, and they have to protect their damage dealing teammates - this means that a good tank has to be able to eat up a lot of damage and still be able to eat up some more without just flat out dying. A good tank even when reduced to half can still make an enemy team think twice before committing because they may not die as quickly as you'd hope, Sion being a good example of this as well. So when we talk "survivability" on a champion we're expecting to be planting themselves between 5 angry enemies and their own squishies, we're looking for several things: crowd control, regeneration, and damage reduction and mitigation. So of that list, Ornn has a grand total of... 1 our of 4. That's not really good. In fact, that's actually really bad for a tank. Let's just run down the list of other frontliners just to really drive this home: Swain isn't particularly stacked in the resistances department and a lot of his damage comes from scaling rather than bases - he actually has some pretty lousy bases as they go. But what Swain has in spades is regeneration and no small amount of crowd control - Swain isn't even meant to be a tank and he tends to perform better when pressured to do so than Ornn will, and that's saying something. But let's just dive into Ornn's own class - the closest comparison would be to Sejuani or Braum, two champs with no regen or shields built directly into their kits. So how do they eat so much damage and still find it viable to go back in when low on health? Simple: Sejuani gains a massive resistances spike from her passive and Braum's W bonuses as well as his E allow them to get free stat spikes where they need it. This makes them able to soak up a drastically higher amount of damage that other champions just wouldn't be able to. Ornn lacks that. Ornn has no innate stat spikes, no self-buffs, no shields, no regen, pretty much nothing - when you poke down Ornn, Ornn stays poked. He can't strategically dip in and out based on windows of power, he can't just dip back and heal a little bit while letting somebody else take the flack - Ornn outright lacks any meaningful form of self-sustain or self-preservation, and even if we want to argue his passive would make up for the lack of survivability in his base kit, you would still have to argue that the increase from those items justifies having them only come into play at level 13, which sorry - other tanks have already been doing his job long before then. #In short - until you add something to compensate for removing Ornn's shield, he will remain a shitty tank.

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