Champion Capsules Are Utter Trash

So with first win bonus, seven wins (including first win) and four losses to equal a total of eleven games, I got rank 31, finally! What did I get? I was happy to see I had five champion shards, because five champion shards means one perma-champion, right (no). I got, Annie, Ashe, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Xin Zhao, so three 450 champions and two 1350 champions... Great. After being disappointed in not being able to merge three shards into a random champion, I said hell to it and I looked at the disenchant price. 90 - Annie 90 - Ashe 90 - Poppy 270 - Morderkaiser 270 - Xin Zhao All added up for a total of... drumroll please! 810 Blue Essence! Back on IP I would have gotten 300 from first win bonus 80 from each match afterwards 300+800 = 1100, which is already 290 more. Riot what the fuck, after 11 matches, with first win bonus, I would have at least have gotten enough to buy a 1350 champion by now. I added up all of the minutes of the games (excluding seconds) to see how long reaching Level 31 took me. It took me 314 minutes which equates to 5 hours 14 minutes. So let's see how long it would take to get each priced champion (note, due to how the system works, I'll be doing it stacking) 5 Hours for 450 Champion 10 Hours for 1350 Champion 15 Hours for mystery champion shard (If they even exist) 20 Hours for 3150 Champion 30 Hours for 4800 Champion 40 Hours for 6300 Champion With the IP system it took roughly 30 hours for 6300 Champion. But wait, there's more! As you level up, the experience required to level up increases! Great! So those hours increase! What the fuck Rito. EDIT I may add, getting five shards seems to be extremely lucky from what I see, some people are just left with a 90BE Shard.
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