Is Zed His Mobility And Damage Too High Compared To Other Assassin's?

some damage figures using the following items at lvl 18 vs dummies: {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} R>E>AA:2068 R>E>AA>AA:2816 R>2xQ hit>E>AA:3720 W>R>3xQ hit>E>AA:4465 W>R>3xQ hit>E>AA>E:5043 A target dummy has 100 armor, that's about what a squishy ADC has, if they are a mage that's an extra 45 armor but if you look at the damage numbers + the items that extra 45 armor wouldn't have made too much of a difference Now as for his cooldowns and means of escape For starters everyone knows trying to catch a leblanc with W and ult up is a fool's errand, that is because if she uses both W and R she can dash 2 times and she leaves behind 2 possible places to blink back to so you have to stay behind and guard those 2 places in case she blinks back to them, but even if she does her W may be off cooldown again and so she can W away again and leave behind another mark to teleport back to, this makes chasing and catching her a nightmare, the same applies to Zed, he can blink back to his W and blink back to his ult, and what's more his W has a very low cooldown, with the build showed above his W has a 8.4 sec cooldown, if after his AA in the combo he immediately switches with his W and casts E his W is further reduced by another 2 seconds for each enemy hit and with 3 shadow in a team fight, well let's say it hits just 2 enemies, that 8.4 sec cooldown W is now already down to 4.4 seconds, he can then run away and then blink back to his ult shadow and by that time his W is likely up again providing another blink, and if somehow 3 blinks isn't enough there's flash to follow it up with. You may ask, but why is this a problem? well don't you think it's a problem that the highest damage assassin also has the highest mobility of any assassin? every single other assassin deals less damage than Zed and either only has 1 escape or no escape at all, does that seem fair? why does Zed get to be the only exception? the only assassin coming close is kha`zix who after killing an enemy can use stealth and E to fly away again though after that 1 dash he's all out of luck. Now his cooldowns with the above build which provides 40% CDR: Q:3.6 W: 8.9 E:1.8 R:34.2 And as for energy costs, W refunds 50 energy if you and a shadow's ability hit the same target which means in your combo that costs 125 energy you will have 75 energy left, but if you so much as hit a single enemy with you and your shadow's E you get back 50 energy leaving you at 125 so by all means his energy costs are low, also forgetting that if you cast W before R then by the time your R animation finishes you will be full energy again so that 20 energy cost from W can be ignored, so his cooldowns are low, he uses energy, his energy costs are low and has an easy way to gain back energy, where's the the downside of using energy? Now what we could ask ourselves what is the problem here? is it that Zed his cooldowns are too low or is it that CDR is too easy to get? whichever it is it results in ZED having very low cooldowns. But that still leaves the question of is it ok for Zed to have this many escapes? if you look at outplay videos allot of them rely on simply making it not possible for the opponent to attack him as he's blinking over the screen, is this fine? let's look at what mobility some other assassin's have: **Leblanc**: if she wants to kill her target she cannot use W + R for escape which means that only leaves her with W, though that still counts as 2 ''escapes'', she uses a dash and starts running away, but because she can blink back to her W location someone has to stay behind otherwise she blinks back to W location, this is more limited but still offers decent escape capabilities though not as much as Zed, only exception is if she uses both her W and R for escape then she is as frustrating as Zed to catch though she does pay for her mobility as she deals much less damage than Zed(till enough to one shot a squishy mind you) **Talon**: his escape is quite limited depending on location, if he isn't near a wall all he can do is run towards a wall and then use his E, it could be better or worse than leblanc her W but is definitely not better than that of Zed **Rengar**: 0 escape means whatsoever, once he jumps in he's gotta commit and that's that **Evelyn**: her ult is an effective escape though on a long cooldown and depending on team fights it may not be all that effective, none the less a 700 range blink is still useful at times **Shaco**: 0 escapes, he engages with Q which is his only escape out and then has to trick the opponent with good R play and hope he lives long enough to use another Q and that's it **akali**: Akali uses the second part of her ult for her combo leaving her with just W and E for escaping means and while W can be effective depending on where the fight is taking place it is a far cry from a blink **Fizz**: fizz is played much like an assassin but too lacks an escape, the closest he can get is to E in, use Q then zhonyas and survive long enough to use E again **Kayn**: if he waits out the full duration of his ult he will have a 1 sec cooldown on his E so if he ge ts attacked he can at best pass 1 wall with it depending on where he exists his target **Diana**: the only way for diana to have an escape is to either hit the enemy with Q beforehand resetting R on hit so you could dash to a minion if those are nearby or for her to use Q during her R to also reset her R, outside that she has nothing I may have forgotten some but these come from the top of my head, however looking at the above it seems that out of all the above listed assassin's the only assassin that comes close to the amount of escapes and mobility of Zed is leblanc who also deals less damage than Zed so it seems she does pay for her mobility, so then why doesn't Zed?. I will admit upfront, I hate Zed, I hate him with a burning passion so I tried to to be as objective as possible and the way I saw to do that is to compare him to other Assassin's to see if what he has is really unfair and when I compare him to other assassin's he seems to have both more damage and more mobility then any of the above assassin's, should it not be that those who are immobile get more damage than those who are immobile? or at the very least less mobile? Now you could ask me ''well then how about you suggest a fix dumbass instead of just typing away'' and you see that is where the problem lies, let's say for argument sake I'm right and Zed has too much mobility, how would you go about fixing it? you could say his ult blink alone should suffice as an escape out of a team fight, but I feel if you take his W blink away it may make his engage and laning too weak perhaps? since he would only be able to ult or flash + ult, reduce his ult blink range? or maybe his W blink range? I just don't know what to do to change it if I am right
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