After playing against leblanc and seeing challenger players struggle against her

I wonder why in the hell riot though reverting her was a good idea. Unless you counterpick her, lane is hell on earth. Sure you can try to take time warp tonic, sure you can try to shove in against her, and you can try to rush early MR, but it doesn't make very much of a difference. If you shove in against her she'll reach a point where she can just ignore the minions and oneshot you regardless, or her jg will come gank you. Time warp lets you survive against a trade without backing, great. It just delays the inevitable. As for getting early MR? When I purchased it I felt no difference whatsoever. Hell, even if she doesn't get ahead, her mid game oneshot potential is unreal. She isn't broken, she falls off the summoner's rift like a rock, but laning against her is worse than laning against pantheon top as fiora in pantheon's hayday. The reworked version was so much healthier to play against than this monstrosity. Sure, she had waveclear, but all that amounted to was great roaming potential at a certain point and good splitpushing potential.

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