Stop making the frostfang timer for taking cs stack

So everytime you kill a minion with a frostfang item, your passive goes on a 12 second timer of being disabled. now heres the thing. if you kill a second minion, it doesnt reset to 12 seconds, it ADDS 12 seconds. So lets say theres a full wave and your adc either dies or recalls. you know how to cs well and take them while under turret, so the gold isnt wasted. 12x6 is 72 seconds. thats over a minute where your gold item is disabled. and its not just the gold from hitting enemies thats disabled, the passive gold generation (2 per 10) is disabled too. ive had my adc die before and there was MORE than a whole wave of minions, and after killing them, recalling, going back to lane, there was still 30 seconds on my gold item being disabled. I know that pro players abuse it, but there has to be a middle ground of not disabled and over a minute of disabled. it just means the oposing support gets their quest done faster than you. relic shield doesnt disable if you kill a creep without a proc. ancient coin doesnt disable when you kill a creep. why not just make it a flat 15 seconds or something, and reset the timer on a creep kill, instead of punishing us who try to make sure gold isnt wasted by continuously adding to a ridiculously long timer.
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