Can Preseason introduce the removal of Mage supports bot lane?

Swain. Veigar. Brand. Xerath.... Just the ones I can think of as I don’t have the full champ roster in front of me (on mobile), but I’m pretty much over these champs having so much control when they support because’ Support champs are not equipped with sustaining so much damage from these champions, especially when their range is enormous (Brand and Xerath) or their health (Swain) lets them sustain ADCs damage AND the little damage support champs put out. And now with support item changes on Targon, Veigar is gonna be even easier to scale with which means more damage and less shield/heal support provided from true supports. The little heal power and damage I can put out with someone like Sona or Yuumi is almost slim to none when your enemy is spamming damage spells your champ isn’t equipped to handle early. Late game isn’t as bad cause’ you’ve built Ardent or Crucible for heal/shield boost... but it’s still not allowing them to keep up. I love playing Soraka, but when you’re fighting Xerath having to give all your life to your ADC who is trading, he literally just ults you dead from the safety of his turret once done so (which he can do mid but it’s not so much of an issue cause’ most of the time he’s gonna focus on his lane). Or if you play anyone who can’t handle CC blowups from someone like Veigar or Swain, you’re practically perma pinned under turret. Maybe Aery could get a perma change too! Remove the AP damage and boost the shield and provide heal power! This allowing champs whose soul purpose is to heal/shield have a boost up!
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