Can turret plating just be removed in the next season? It's a garbage mechanic that shouldn't exist

This is basically just free gold for the winning team. It doesn't serve its intended purpose unless both teams are roughly even, which is never the case. I just had a game where I was completely hard countered as Qiyana vs. Kled. I can't do anything in this lane. I can't even farm under my turret, because being hit by a point blank bear trap will dumpster about 40% of my health any time I try to CS, and it gives him vision, so I can't counter it by holding brush. The only thing I can do to have any impact in this game is roam. But even if I do that, I still lose thanks to plating. My opponent can just sit in the lane and acquire 2-3 kills worth of gold each time I roam. If I stay in lane, he still gets the plating, but more slowly. This mechanic needs to go.

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