Showing whats wrong in this game(league of legends)? mini feedback.

1. People unable to die when dropped to 0. 2. Annoying CC on otherwise strong champions.(tristana has a lee sin ult) 3. Kiting is broken with some adc's(lucian, ezreal, tristana, quinn) 4. There are some champions that can kill you if you focus aa on them for no drawback. 5. Champions with insane healing and damage is just much.(illaoi) Please fix the game. I'm sad now because i can't even play a strategy game or is it becoming an unbalanced fighting game? I don't know really, a skirmisher duelist thats supposed to "shred any enemy" can't do it and just dies then what am i supposed to actually do. Nerf yi when he only brings damage to the table, its just sad. This game is a hell hole and I need all the power i can get to combat the rediculously overpowered champion roster.

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