Guinsoos is a broken item

I understand the concept of the item Guinsoos rageblade and I like the idea behind it...but as the game goes by more and more champions are finding a use for this item that makes their kits undeniably unbalanced because of the amount of champions in the game that can dish out a considerable amount of true damage, not only from their kits but now from a rune that anyone has the option of taking (conqueror). Riot has ignored this fact for some reason or to my knowledge neglected to do anything about it because they keep on adding true damage to the game. A Vayne has passive true damage that deals a considerable amount as it is, now when she builds guinsoos rageblade, her W ability is doubled.. dealing true damage more consistently and the champion is arguable very strong because of this and it is safe to say that Vayne's kit is very unbalanced with this item. There are complaints about Jax's power 1-2 items in, one of these being guinsoos rageblade. Yet again another champion that takes conqueror and builds into rageblade and snowballs beyond control. This situation needs to be addressed please because it is making the game unbalanced and very difficult to enjoy.
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