Has anyone every tried build Liandry's Torment on Dr. Mundo?

Waitwaitwait, just hear me out, OK? Yeah, it may seem insane or Wood V-ish to build a dedicated mage item on a dedicated supertank like Mundo, and it probably is, but just think about it: Mundo has only one ratio in his entire kit (aside from the HP ratio on Masochism), and that's the 10% AP per tick ratio on Burning Agony, so the 80 AP he gets from Liandry's is 16 damage per second- maybe not much, but not _completely_ wasted. Both Burning Agony and Infected Cleaver do MAGIC damage, so the +15 magic penetration from Eyes of Pain can potentially add quite a lot of extra damage to his spells, particularly in poke wars. It gives 300 HP, which is always good on Mundo. And perhaps most importantly, the burn effect stacks on the damage of Infected Cleaver (which also slows), meaning at rank 5 a cleaver hit will do 25% of the target's current HP (less MR) followed by an additional 10% of what they have left (4% per second for the 2 seconds of the Cleaver's slow, then 2% for the 3rd second). Every 4 seconds (minus CDR). I'm not saying it's the best idea. Hell, I'm not even saying it's _viable;_ even if the item DOES synergise with Mundo, taking it compromises the entire point of his kit (never ever dying). I'm just wondering whether anyone else ever thought of it? And you know, the extra damage _might_ just be what Mundo needs to tip the balance when he gets into a wet noodle fight against another supertanky champion. Just a thought that had been preying on my mind for a while.
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