Remove Promos

Edit: Remove placements & promos. I'm sorry if all who up voted did so based on promotions between divisions. I mean I don't like those, but I despise placements. I mostly agree. I have made silver in the past two seasons and it's where I should start, back at Silver 3. I shouldn't be placed bronze for some undisclosed reason. The ladder is grindy enough I don't need an extra system to make the game more grindy. Regarding this season, I'm having a helluva hard time getting back to Silver too. I've made it to promos twice so far. My win rate is the worst since my first season. I believe I will get out of Bronze by the end of the season, but for what? Like what's the point if I place back in bronze? On average in the prior two seasons I was a solid 53% - 55% win rate player. And despite my abysmal performance this year, I still belong in Silver. I'm not delusional, I don't think I'm the next LCS good/goddess, but I am a solid Silver player with potential to make it into gold. But every year I have to face promos were regardless of how well I played in the prior season, I place in bronze. The time I spend grinding out of bronze should be time spent grinding my way out of silver. Chess has a version of promos, but instead it is called a provisional rating. For something like 10 or 20 games your chess rating varies wildly, but after that it evens out. They don't make you go through provisional ratingds at the start of every new year. Riot, do the right thing and and remove Promos. Whatever a players rank is at the end if the season, should be the rank they start at in the next season.
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