Why do I have to carry every game

I used to play alot of Jarvan in the jungle but I just couldn't carry games, I would be like 5/0/3 at 10 minutes but unable to convert my lead into a win because all my laners are terrible at the game and my champ doesnt really scale. So I switched to a carry jungler, Graves, I mostly chose him because my ADC's are always terrible and I dont like the other assassin carry junglers, but I still can't seem to carry hard enough. I get fed almost every game, and get an insane lead over the enemy jungler, but none of my laners are humans, I get stuff like teemo top ( I have never won a game with a teemo as my top laner ), and bot lanes that will lose 2v2s over and over. Mid laners that don't roam or help at scuttle fights and I still get myself fed, but I can't 1v5 in teamfights. And my teammates don't even choose champs that bring cc to allow me to carry, they play champs that are just terrible from behind, or terrible in general. I actually can't wait for tank meta, so that I get actual good champions on my team. 2 games ago it was a bad game for graves and I didnt want to play jarvan so I picked malphite. My ADC literally did 6k damage... in a 30 minute game. Though that game I didnt ban shaco and instead banned pantheon because it can be hard to choose between which one is more OP. Mostly I'm just asking why do I have to be the one to carry EVERY single game.
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