a tip for fellow junglers

Alright so I've been playing ranked for 2 years now and it's always the same thing.. I pick weak early gamers like Kassadin, Vladimir, Swain, and my junglers always make aggressive plays in the river expecting me to insta-delete the enemies at lvl 2.. THEN when they die they spam ping me and say ''no pressure'' OR ''no followup gg'' like?? i'm barely lvl 2-3 and you're expecting me to follow up and expect me to help when i could easily be deleted at those lvls? NOT only that but have zero DMG too. SO! Junglers please, if you see your mid is weak early AND top don't make aggressive plays in the river NOR don't expect them to followup either (Especially if they get countered who can easily get killed early {{champion:238}} vs{{champion:38}} not only that if they dare to followup they'll get deleted lol) and the worst thing is after you just explained why you can't do such things at the moment they keep doing it and then blaming you the entire game. so please to the junglers out there, look at your mid/top if they have strong early or weak early to make decisions on going aggressive or playing it passively ALSO! if your teammates get countered... help them xD? wouldn't make sense not to gank when you see the enemy keeps shoving your teammates in and because of that they will most likely fall behind/not be on time for dragons/not being able to help you when you really need them at later lvls.
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