The current PBE is about the most horrible display of "balancing the game" we've yet seen

It's not that Riot isn't doing _any_ thing, it's that it's either next to nothing or completely roundabout with no inbetween. Riven's busted? Well, let's buff her historical counter, Renekton, to hopefully straighten that up! Vayne's broken and bursts squishy and tank alike? Increase the price on BoRK - that'll show her! And just to make sure she doesn't show her face in top anymore - hit that grievous wound duration back up on Thornmail! Now she'll have reduced healing for three times as long after she kills you anyway because Thornmail does jack shit to save you early against her! And let's not forget Ornn being absolute garbage and damn near a liability to his team - let's give him a buff! To his passive items on the ones most often built on him! No buff to his actual kit where he has literally no survivability whatsoever anymore, no, just some buffs to his level 14 items! (as if he'll be hitting 14 anytime soon in his new role as support) Like... what the fuck even is this? Like, the last few patches have been Riot basically doing absolutely nothing to balance the game while this has probably the most listed changes to champs in a few patches yet all these changes accomplish next to nothing. How do you do so much yet so little at the same time? It is actually astounding. Although I guess that's kind of wrong. I'll have to start banning Renekton now as well, so that is _a_ change, just not a _good_ change.
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