I feel as if there are better ways to execute tryndamere's gameplay

Before we get into this, no tryndamere hasn't suddenly stomped me one game which led me to cry on boards. I've always thought certain champions needed some work, specifically jax and tryndamere. Reason being is that there should be some plays and options between the fighting champions, and a margin of error for both. For example, lets take someone like teemo. He isn't strong, but hes good at his role: which is lane poke and map pressure. Lets say teemo is fighting someone like olaf. If teemo keeps his distance and blinds olaf's autos, then teemo can win. However, olaf can do a few actions. He could max Q and try to poke down teemo, and sustain with his w on minions. He could run up to teemo, bait out teemos blind, then begin his autos. There are options on both sides, and whoever predicts the other's playstyle first tends to have an advantage. This reason is why many players hate champions such as yasuo, renekton, irelia, akali, etc. The ball is in their court much of the time, and while there are a few dueling potentials for the opposing player, as skill level increases, it becomes more difficult to execute such fights. However, my point is, *there still is a chance to fight, despite being small*. For example, I play a lot of illaoi. One of illaois best matchups is vs renekton, as she can E onto his dash, and just destroy him. However, there are so many times where Ive lost to a renekton, because hes been able to predict my movements and skills, and as such, won trades and have hard punished me. Counterpicks should exist, but they shouldn't nullify player skill. A skilled janna 1 trick should 100% be able to beat a 3rd game yasuo player, if janna outplays him correctly. However, when fighting tryndamere, tons of times the ball is in his court, if not the ball is always in his court. Biggest factors of this are his crit and his ult, with the latter being the biggest issue here. No activation cost or penalty, hes free to activate it whenever he wants, through cc, no resources needed, etc. Its strong, so no doubt any tryndamere player would complain about any nerfs to it, so I expect downvotes from both tryn mains and "lol youre trash bc u complain about a lowelo pubstomp" player. Look at Darius, Illaoi, Warwick, Olaf, and such. Champs who are powerful because they "refuse to die" with immense dueling potential and sustain, yet can be overwhelmed and killed, with illaoi and Darius having more 1v2+ potential (as they are juggernauts). I really wish Tryndamere was pushed in the direction of "Oh hes an immensely strong duelist, but with enough skill, you can beat him" kind of kit, instead of "Oh hes gonna die. What if he didnt".
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