R.I.P Twisted treeline.

To be honest I'm actually really going to miss this game mode when I first started League I actually got up to almost platinum in threes before the Bots invaded and just ruin the entire thing. Now I feel like instead of just fixing the bot problem riot going to remove this game mode which means now we have technically less maps to play on and I get that they're trying also to get League to be shorter so why not just update the map because it was always quicker matches on there I'm just really sad to see this come to an end more so when we've been promised other maps and they haven't given us them and taken out other Maps as well I'm looking at you Scar along with the promises of a 2 V 2 map that we never got and now we're basically forced to play summoner's Rift or team fight tactics now don't get me wrong I understand summoner's Rift is the most popular but the fact that you've taken a game mode away from us that some people still enjoyed to this day just seems wrong.
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