Riot please consider reworking Blitzcrank

Maybe I'm exaggerating but of all of the supports, he is SUPER reliant on just 1 ability, the rest of his kit is pretty moot if you miss Q. Sure it's powerful in some situations but I feel like he's a 1-ability champion. His W? Pretty much there just to help him get in range or get around creeps in order to Q. His E? Pretty much useless unless his lands Q. R? Unless you're playing AP Blitz, it's still not as powerful as his Q ability. His Q is better than his ultimate. There are other hook/catcher champs {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} , even Morg/Pyke that can do just as well of a job and still provide team utility. You gave {{champion:12}} reason to stay in the fight after using his WQ combo with new E, as well as {{champion:89}} with enhanced autos after R. These champs (at least post-6) can turn on a tanky steroid of some kind. He's just so terrible when (team is) behind.
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